I am Dorian Karczmarzyk, experienced art director, and graphic designer. Raised in Lublin, Poland, currently based in Cologne, Germany.

Passionate about branding. I believe that design plays a huge role in business and communication.
Fine feathers make fine birds, right?

As a freelancer, I deliver design solutions in the field of visual communication. Solutions that increase a brand value.
I work for various enterprises - from brands, companies, through startups, products, places and individuals, helping them to achieve their goals through the powerful visual image, give them their own tone of voice and personality, to let them speak for themselves.

Besides, I'm a brand specialist at Change - international digital product agency connecting creative people around the world.

I specialize at:
branding /design strategy, visual and corporate identity, naming/verbal identity, logo design/
packaging design
editorial design
print design

Let's have a: talk discuss beer! fun
+49 151 10559468

Always open to new projects and work opportunities - wherever on the globe.

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